Southfield Martial Arts Institute


Before Class

  1. Students should enter the dojo 10 minutes prior to their class.
  2. Please sign in when you arrive.
  3. Shoes should be removed and placed neatly on the shoe rack.
  4. Students should wait at the edge of the mat for Black Belt permission to change.
  5. Students must be properly attired at all times.
  6. For safety reasons, wrist watches and jewelry (except for plain wedding bands) need to be removed when you change into your uniform (gi).
  7. It’s a good idea to bring a lock for your locker, since the school isn’t responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Change quickly! After changing, bow onto the mat and wait quietly for your class to start.
  9. If your class has already begun, do ten push-ups before joining the line.
  10. Any student with an injury must inform the instructor before working out.

During Class

  1. No profanity
  2. No gum chewing
  3. Line up quickly when called.
  4. Keep conversation to a minimum. It only takes away from your training – as well as interfering with the training of the person you’re talking to.
  5. All students must have permission from a Black Belt to leave the dojo floor.
  6. Bow when entering or leaving the mat.
  7. While in the dojo Black Belts should be addressed as “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, or “Ms.” 3rd Degree Black Belts and above should be addressed as Sensei.
  8. No kumite is permitted without direct supervision of an instructor.
  9. Safety is of prime importance.
  10. Any student who acts without regard for the safety of other students or intentionally endangers or injures another student will be suspended or permanently dismissed.